Is It Time For A Website Refresh?

At some point every website needs some refreshing; it’s inevitable. Aesthetics aside, there are plenty of practical reasons to refresh your website:

  • Not mobile friendly – This is the primary reason to consider a refresh. Google started penalizing sites that weren’t mobile friendly in their search rankings. Also, according to Google, over half of its searches are done with mobile phones.  If your website doesn’t look good on a smartphone, users will move on to one that does.
  • Inactive WordPress theme or plug-ins – After a few years, most themes and plug-ins stop getting updated by their creators. If your site runs on WordPress, and if there are security vulnerabilities in the theme or plug-in code, there isn’t a patch coming, and this could put your site at risk.

Website Renovation

Create a fresh look and feel that keeps customers coming back

  • New WordPress theme installed
  • Current content transferred
  • Updates ran on plug-ins
  • Full site backup completed
  • Mobile-friendly test passed

Welcome to Herding Pixels

headshotThank you for visiting my site. I’m Gary, the founder and owner. By working with Herding Pixels, you get the best of both worlds – a developer with solid technical training and experience, plus, a small-business owner with twenty years in sales and operations who understands that websites are for increasing sales, not for gathering design accolades. My goal for Herding Pixels is for it to become the first choice of Houston-area small businesses and non-profits for website design.

Herding Pixels is a part-time operation at the moment, so the focus is on creating new sites, refreshing old sites, and serving as a webmaster for sites on the WordPress platform. Down the road, Herding Pixels may offer things like search optimization (SEO) and content marketing.

It’s an exciting time to be part of all that’s going on with the web, and with mobile in particular. I look forward to help Houston small businesses harness the web.

When I’m not creating websites for small business, I’m working as a Web Developer for a local retail energy company, or playing softball. You can view my LinkedIn profile here.