make a new website part of your launch

An easy-to-use, mobile-friendly website can be a powerful tool for communicating with your current and potential customers. Benefits of a well-designed site include:

  • Establishing your credibility with helpful content
  • Providing contact information for potential customers
  • Displaying prices of your products and services
  • Testimonials from satisfied customers
  • Building an email list of potential customers

Some of these benefits will be important to you, and others won’t. Perhaps you want something else out of a website. If you consider Herding Pixels for your project, the first thing I want to know is why you want a website, and what you want it to do for you. Before our first meeting, I will have done research on your industry. At our first meeting, you can expect lots of questions about your company, your industry, your goals, and your challenges. Having knowledge of what you’re trying to do enables me to craft a solid solution to your website situation. 

And as much as I’d like to have a long-term relationship with your company or organization, if I think a Google Business listing and a Facebook page might be enough for you, at least to start, then I’ll let you know that too.

New WordPress Site Package

  • Mobile-friendly design using WordPress
  • Hosting Set-up with InMotion Hosting
  • G-Suite Set-up for email, office software
  • One premium WordPress plug-in included
  • 2 Months site maintenance and content updates
  • Training on creating content in WordPress

Frequently asked questions

For a small-business, or non-profit organization, Herding Pixels strongly recommends using WordPress for building a website, and more importantly, updating the content on the site. However, I can do a hand-coded site using standards-compliant HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. Contact Herding Pixels for a quote.

A hosting service provides server space to hold the files that make up a website. When someone types in your domain, it is the job of the hosting company to “serve” those files back to the user so they can be read on the users browser. I use InMotion Hosting to host this site, and I recommend them to anyone that needs to host a site.

Welcome to Herding Pixels

headshotThank you for visiting my site. I’m Gary, the founder and owner. By working with Herding Pixels, you get the best of both worlds – a developer with solid technical training and experience, plus, a small-business owner with twenty years in sales and operations who understands that websites are for increasing sales, not for gathering design accolades. My goal for Herding Pixels is for it to become the first choice of Houston-area small businesses and non-profits for website design.

Herding Pixels is a part-time operation at the moment, so the focus is on creating new sites, refreshing old sites, and serving as a webmaster for sites on the WordPress platform. Down the road, Herding Pixels may offer things like search optimization (SEO) and content marketing.

It’s an exciting time to be part of all that’s going on with the web, and with mobile in particular. I look forward to help Houston small businesses harness the web.

When I’m not creating websites for small business, I’m working as a Web Developer for a local retail energy company, or playing softball. You can view my LinkedIn profile here.