New Site Redesign With WordPress

Herding Pixels is finally on the WordPress bandwagon. I guess I resisted for a while because I wanted to put my new HTML/CSS/JS skills to work.  As I’ve matured a little as a developer, it’s now about just using the right tool for the right job. And since Herding Pixels is a part-time endeavor for the foreseeable future, the focus is on small business owners and non-profit organizations. As I dug into WordPress, it became obvious the platform is well suited for the segment of users.  I’d like to give a shout-out to Stefan Mischook who has a bunch of great videos (or vlogs as he likes to call them) on programming and freelancing. Check out his YouTube channel. He has some great perspective on that world.

A trend I’m picking up on in the WordPress community is an affinity towards lighter-weight themes and page-builders. I decided to base the Herding Pixels site on this approach, and it was a good call. The theme I used is the Page Builder Framework theme paired with the Elementor page-builder. I found this combination to be quite productive. Elementor is “visual CSS”; you make a change and you can see the effects right away. Another huge plus for Elementor is the responsive-design tools. Not only do you get to see what the design looks like on mobile, tablet, and desktop, you can also have different values for various CSS properties for mobile, or for tablet, or for desktop. It beats the heck out of cranking out media queries.

I might try the Genesis Framework with Elementor next. Apparently, the Genesis framework is powerful and popular with many of the WordPress heavy-hitters.

Now that the site is up, it’s time to start knocking on doors, and getting busy!

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