Neighborhood Map

NEIGHBORHOOD MAP This single-page application uses the Google Maps API and the Foursquare API to display information around my local area. The user can filter the locations by several types, and the map displays markers corresponding to the selected locations. It also uses the lightweight framework W3.CSS. The documentation for the Google Maps API is […]

My First WordPress Contribution!

Hopefully, this will be the first of many contributions I can make. I came across an opportunity to submit a fix for the Elementor widgets add-on by Theme Isle. I’m using this plug-in on the Herding Pixels site. I was having trouble with setting up a hyperlink with a price-table element. Upon reviewing the PHP […]

New Site Redesign With WordPress

Herding Pixels is finally on the WordPress bandwagon. I guess I resisted for a while because I wanted to put my new HTML/CSS/JS skills to work.  As I’ve matured a little as a developer, it’s now about just using the right tool for the right job. And since Herding Pixels is a part-time endeavor for […]